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Manual vs Automatic

My last post was about control and how a manual transmission gives one a little more. And really, what is says about the driver. But let’s get deeper into it for a moment. Does a manual allow for more control?

I drive a manual. Always have always will. I control the car, the car doesn’t control me.

In newspapers, magazines and online, people babble about automatic being a safer choice of vehicle.  I read things like, “When you drive an automatic, you can always keep both hands on the steering wheel. You’re not distracted by the need to change gears.” Distracted by the need to change gears?

This rationale sounds a lot like the difference in writing with and without spell-check. What if I use the same logic to rationalize using spell-check. “Using spell-check allows the writer to concentrate more on writing and not get distracted with spelling.” Isn’t spelling part of writing? Does it work? Have you seen the way people write these days? English is being butchered on a daily basis. They aren’t as attached and involved with their writing. They have to think less about it, and therefore, they think less about it.

As a manual driver, you have to think about driving. More of your mind is focused on a single task. There’s less brain power available to think about what to eat for dinner tonight, or when to finish that proposal you’ve been putting off. You are actually less likely to be distracted.

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