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Are We Losing Control?

September 27, 2012 1 comment

Are we giving up control of our lives? Are we too busy to worry about things?

Pulled into the parking lot this morning right next to the same car in the same colour. Just as I was getting out, the owner of my doppelganger car came back to his. We ended up chatting for several minutes about our choice in vehicle. Turns out we both drive a stick. And we both lamented the fact that very few others still do.

I have always driven a stick. My parents have always driven a stick. They’ve never even owned an automatic. When I turned 16 and I wanted to borrow my parents’ cars, they told me I had to learn to drive stick. Boy am I glad I did. So when I went to  buy my car there was no question in my mind, it was going to be a stick.

It’s a control issue for me. I’m not a tuner. I don’t hang out at car clubs and talk about which exhaust system is the best for me or how to boost the horsepower in my car. To tell you the truth, I don’t know too much about my car, except how to drive it. And when I do drive it, I have more control over it than the guy in the next lane in his automatic.

But this got me thinking: Are we  so busy that we’re willing to give up control of things? It used to be that work ended when you left the office. That hasn’t been the case for a while now. We go home and spend the night on our smartphones checking our email, so we can’t control when we work.  The economy is in the toilet so we can’t control where we work. Even the NHL has gone so we can’t control what sports we watch!

In our society today with such a lack of control over our everyday lives, why not choose to have control? I choose to control one of the few things I still can control. Driving a stick says as much about the person as it does about the car. I don’t want outside forces to control everything I do.  In my car, I have control. Outside my car, well, that’s another question.

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